Doing salad like you mean it

Welcome to my brand new web site I call... The Salad Ninja

So, what is this all about?

Well, this site will be informational in nature. You won't find yourself reading a ton of material only to find out you now need to pay money for the really useful information. I hope to give you useful information, all of it free, based on me, The Salad Ninja. Anything I offer up on this site will be something I've done to myself, tried myself or eaten myself. If it works for me I'll tell you all about it and let you make the decision as to whether it might work for you. There will be no hard selling, here, just my personal experience. I'll encourage others out there to share their thoughts, their ideas... anything that's relevant to the topic. How does that sound?

Some background:

I recently had an opportunity to watch a program produced by the BBC a few years ago that has completely altered my life. It was called Eat, Fast and Live Longer with a fellow by the name of Dr. Michael Mosley. I cannot to say enough about this program. It has affected me so deeply I have completely changed the way I look at food. I am not able to say that about any other book, article or film. I urge all of you out there to spend an hour sometime and watch it. You can find it on Youtube, Vimeo and a few other places. It is a remarkable program both in it's content and execution. Dr. Mosley is a gifted story teller who takes the viewer along on his personal quest to improve his own health and well being. That first-person connection is what makes the entire viewing experience so much more enjoyable. I still find myself watching it over and over.

Right now, this site is a work-in-progress as I gather my thoughts and my material, images, etc. You can look forward to lots of tasty articles highlighted by sumptuous pictures. Staying healthy well past middle age can be fun and enjoyable, if you chose to make it your mission. Your passion, really.


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